How to Recognize a Mountain Chorus Frog?


MOUNTAIN CHORUS FROG (Pseudacris brachyphona)


Average Length: 1–1.3 in (2.5–3.2 cm)

Maximum Length: 1.5 in (3.8 cm)

Back coloration: Brown to Gray to Olive (drab)

Back markings: Dark stripes down the back that curve inward in the shape of reversed parenthesis “)(“ or sometimes an “X” or “H”

Head coloration: Dark mask through the eye & White above the upper lip

Head markings:  Dark Triangle between the eyes on top of the head




Spring Peepers and Upland Chorus Frogs might be mistaken for a Mountain Chorus Frogs.






Where do you find Mountain Chorus Frogs?


Mountain Chorus Frogs range from Pennsylvania to Mississippi. In Virginia they are typically found in the southwestern portion of the state.









Breeding Pools


Mountain Chorus Frogs are typically found at higher elevations (up to and exceeding 3,500’) on forested hillsides.


These frogs prefer to breed and call in shallow pools such as: wet ditches, flooded fields near streams, tire ruts, pools in road ruts, stream pools, and furrows in plowed fields.  They can call at night as well as during the day.



Did You Hear a Mountain Chorus Frog?


Call Description:

  • “REEK-raaack”
  • Squeaky Wagon Wheel


When do Mountain Chorus Frogs Call:

  • During the day and night
  • From Feb–April on warm, humid nights and often during or following rain events
  • Occasionally until early-June


Listen to calling Mountain Chorus Frogs:



Spring Peepers and Upload Chorus Frogs might sound similar to Mountain Chorus Frogs.



Learn More About the Mountain Chorus Frog


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Mountain Chorus Frog research is a collaborative project of The University of Virginia’s College at Wise,
Virginia Highlands Community College and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
Each is an EEO/AA organization.